Welcome to Streamline Aquatics

At Streamline Aquatics Limited (SAL), we love to swim and want to share this passion with everyone: young and old alike. With water all around us, we believe it is our duty to ensure that everyone feels safe and confident in the water. How do we do that? By teaching you how to swim!

We envision a time in the soon to be future where Ghanaians are passionate about swimming: its health benefits, its competitiveness, and most importantly its fun nature.  

To achieve this vision, we at SAL provide various swimming related services to any and every client imaginable. We would love to especially target the youth but adults are definitely not left out of the equation. We believe every client is unique and has unbelievable potentials and can achieve the greatest heights in whatever, when provided the appropriate service.

So to all of you, welcome to our website, a place for you to discover the why, the what and the how of Streamline Aquatics Limited and at the end of your visit on the website, hopefully you’ll be inspired to start your journey with us.

With love,

Ralph Quaye, CEO