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Private Swimming Lessons

We provide Swimming lessons to interested learners of all ages. The experience held by our associates enables streamline to offer our clients with the most quality and personalized swimming lesson plan for each client. Due to our objective of achieving excellence in the sports, we go the extra mile to make sure that each client is proficient in the art of swimming. The one-on-one focus enables the client to excel their swimming skills rapidly. These 60-minute private lessons allow swim instructors to design and mold the swimming lesson plan around the pace of the client, while challenging the client and motivating them to new levels of swimming.

School Swimming Lessons

As part of our vision to raise swimmers and supporters passionate about swimming, we liaise with nursery, primary and secondary schools to run swimming lessons for their students. We teach the students the basics of swimming which ensure they are water safe and go further to teach them the value of competition and essence of cooperation. This is accomplished through the formation of a school swim team through which members will compete amongst themselves and against other schools. Students will learn what it means to be a true champion: a disciplined, passionate team player who takes strides in continuous improvement.

Group Swimming Lessons

We also provide swimming lessons for groups (families, friends, businesses,residents in estates, etc) that are interested in learning to swim. Swimming is not just a competitive sport, its first and foremost a life skill and we want to ensure everyone has this basic life skill. Our tutors are trained to make these as interactive as possible, combining fun with learning in an optimum manner.

Competitive Training

In partnership with the GhDolphins, a renowned swim team in Ghana, we offer advanced competitive swim training designed for students who have gained a level of proficiency in the 4 swim strokes and are looking to build efficiency and improve endurance in the water. Team members learn to compete amongst themselves and also cooperate to compete against other swim teams locally and internationally.